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Agriculture & Environment

BIO is committed to supporting biobased breakthroughs at all stages of development and technology developers of all types and sizes. From public education campaigns to pushing for regulations that keep pace with innovation, we take on the policy challenges and activism that can threaten innovations in food and on the farm, biobased manufacturing, and green energy breakthroughs. 

Biobased Manufacturing
  • Advocating for policies that support a biobased economy.
  • Creating toolkits and other resources that make it easy to access information and share content about biotechnology and the biobased economy.  
Food and Farm Innovation
  • Working with USDA, FDA, EPA, and other federal agencies as they modernize biotech regulations for plants and animals to ensure they are science-based and provide relevant transparency to consumers.
  • Developing online platforms to explore and contextualize gene editing advancements and to promote dialogue and clarity on agriculture innovation under development.
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Sustainable Fuels
  • Advocating for policies that address climate change and encourage sustainable practices and support farmers, sustainable fuel producers, and biobased manufacturers.
Member Spotlight - Jennifer Holmgren

"BIO’s depth of knowledge and strategic advocacy across the full breadth of biotech, plays a key role in shaping the conversation in Washington and across the USA. From sustainable fuels and chemicals to synthetic biology and bioinformatics, BIO’s leadership will support deployment of sustainable solutions."

Jennifer Holmgren
Chief Executive Officer

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Counteracting systemic inequality, injustice, and unfair treatment of underserved communities.

The Biden Administration's Agricultural Policy Agenda

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