BIO's Seven Core Strategic Priorities

BIO is committed to speaking up for the millions of families around the world who depend upon our success. We are helping to drive a revolution that aims to cure patients, protect our climate, and nourish humanity.

1.  Advance and Enlarge the "Virtuous Circle" of Biotech-Driven Innovation

Explore how we drive biotechnology innovation. Advancing newer and better medicines, therapeutics, and vaccines is a collective effort that involves an entire ecosystem, not just one person or company. This virtuous circle of innovation often begins with a patient or family expressing a need, and is followed by researchers at academic centers responding with innovative ideas. BIO's role is to protect, advance, and enlarge this innovation ecosystem.

Advance and Enlarge the "Virtuous Circle" of Biotech-Driven Innovation
 Identify and Breakdown Barriers to Access to Medicines 
2.  Identify and Breakdown Barriers to Access to Medicines 

Innovation defines our mission and future direction, but innovation alone is not enough without universal access. No one should go without essential medicines. We must understand why this happens and address it. BIO is uniquely positioned to convene discussions, propose solutions, and help ensure universal access for all.

3.  Powerful Story Telling: Who we are & Who we serve, What we do, Why we do it, Where we work

We must share the stories of lives transformed by medical miracles and the assurance of food and agricultural security through biotechnology advancements. It is crucial to highlight those in need, offering hope through their stories of perseverance and passion that define biotechnology's uniqueness. We must also spotlight extraordinary successes, challenges faced, and the important lessons learned from failures in the pursuit of life-changing innovation.

Powerful Story Telling: Who we are & Who we serve, What we do, Why we do it, Where we work
Extraordinary Focus on Patients, Caregivers & Families
4.  Extraordinary Focus on Patients, Caregivers & Families

Every decision we make in the biotechnology industry should be guided by empathy. Imagine if you or a loved one faced a challenging disease—what choices would you hope for? Bringing this passion and purpose to our work not only makes for fulfilling careers, but also has a profound impact on the work we do and those we serve. In some thereapeutic areas, we may be changing small parts of the world, but for individuals and families affected by these conditions, our efforts mean the world.

5.  Biotechnology as a National Security Imperative

The biotechnology industry is a critical national security asset. We must consider how to prepare for future pandemics and respond to potential bioterror attacks. Resilience and the ability to safeguard public health in extreme circumstances are paramount. Ensuring a vibrant public health system demonstrates the benefits of a free and democratic society. Collaboratively, entrepreneurs and companies can not only serve U.S. citizens and allies, but also benefit the entire globe.


Biotechnology as a National Security Imperative
Expand & Engage Our Membership & Stakeholders
6.  Expand & Engage Our Membership & Stakeholders

We need to broaden our perspective on membership in BIO—not just in technical terms, but for individuals who recognize their stake in the success of biotechnology. It's crucial to connect at a personal level, showing why new medicines, vaccines, agricultural technologies, climate solutions, and biofuels matter for individuals, their children, and future generations. We are entering a new era of biotechnology, and we must demonstrate its immense value to all people.

7.  Food Security & Climate Impact: Biotech’s Unique Role

Our future economy will be a bioeconomy, and it is our responsibility to drive this transformation while staying true to the overarching mission of biotechnology: to heal, feed, and fuel the world.

Food Security & Climate Impact: Biotech’s Unique Role