Understand why the Asia-Pacific region has become a key location for clinical trials

Understand why the Asia-Pacific region has become a key location for clinical trials


Asia’s vast population, being approximately 60% of the global population, and the focus on investments in infrastructure, specialised clinical trial centres and government support for clinical trials are key contributing factors to the region’s reputation as a hub for successful clinical trials. 

These factors, along with the advantages Australia and New Zealand bring, with Australia’s favourable R&D refund scheme and the pragmatic regulatory processes from respective countries, makes the Asia-Pacific a preferred destination for clinical trials. 

In a recently published whitepaper on “The Benefits of Asia-Pacific Clinical Trials for Biotechs”, Pharma Intelligence | Informa and Novotech surveyed respondents from biopharma companies across geographies to assess their clinical outsourcing needs and understanding of running trials in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. 
This whitepaper identifies the most commonly cited motivators for running clinical trials in the APAC region to be: 

  • Lower Costs 
  • Faster Patient recruitment 
  • Faster start-up 

Take advantage of the survey insights via downloading the whitepaper here: https://novotech-cro.com/whitepapers/benefits-asia-pacific-clinical-trials-biotechs

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