Enhancing Meaningful Engagement on Patient Experience Data in Drug Development

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT), Thursday, June 8, 2023 ・ Session Room 204AB
The use of patient experience data (PED) to inform the development and benefit-risk assessment of medical products and to communicate value for patients is increasingly recognized by regulators, industry, patients, and payers. Industry have dedicated resources to this area and have placed a greater emphasis on collection of PED to inform various aspects of medical product development, such as understanding of a disease area, clinical trial design, endpoint selection, B-R assessment, etc. Ultimately, industry wants to ensure that they are meeting the needs of patients by making clinical trials more accessible, measuring what matters most to them, and making the medical products accessible.

In this session, we will explore perspectives from key stakeholders, including FDA, industry and patient representatives and discuss opportunities to enhance meaningful engagements with key stakeholders on PED, including what are current challenges and opportunities, what are appropriate times to engage, and discuss available resources to ensure meaningful interactions.
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Group Director, US Regulatory Policy; chair of the BIO Patient Focused Drug Development Taskforce
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Executive Director, Patient Centered Outcomes Science
Senior Vice President, Policy and Government
National Health Council
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Patient Focused Drug Development Program Director, CDER
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Team Leaders, Clinical Outcome Assessments Staff, OND, CDER