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Open Letter to the President of the United States: The Need for U.S. Leadership in Global Vaccinations

August 10, 2021

We want to commend you and your Administration for the global distribution of millions of doses of the COVID-19 vaccines. Our friends in recipient countries are truly grateful.

Nonetheless, in order to gain control of the pandemic, a much more considerable effort will be required to inoculate the global population. Millions of people in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia continue to have little or no access to vaccines and remain desperate as the delta variant becomes increasingly rampant worldwide. Helping to vaccinate populations in other countries is an investment in our own safety as well as global stability. The longer the virus spreads, the more opportunity it has to mutate into new and more vaccine-resistant variants and lead to the further breakdown of societies.

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The Need for U .S. Leadership in Global Vaccinations
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